One thing I particularly like about GitHub Co-Pilot is that it pushes you towards DAMP solutions (by nature of the tool, it doesn’t refactor your code) - which is great (personally) at making me avoid needless abstraction.

We call this “the cat house” (yes - have seen animal control out here before)

How do folks who still use Twitter and Mastodon and Bluesky … keep up? I don’t need to read every post by every author but logging into 3 separate apps a day to scroll is too much for me.

I have mixed thoughts about how effective full remote work is, but “gaslight our employees back into the office” isn’t going to work folks (

Donut Man!

One thing I am appreciating about Wing Span (seen here on my Steam Deck - what a great purchase) is the deliberate timing, i.e. “when activated” instead of having to interpret game text.

I can say first hand this is a failure of “office culture”, not a fix. If you’re asking folks to commute in to sit in a soundproof box, let them stay home.

San Jose… Wild.

The computer history museum is great.

Software is the last thing you should write

I’ve been thinking a lot about how software engineers solve problems. Where I work, most of the time someone is given a problem (either by a lead, manager, or peer) and told to solve it. When you give a software engineer a problem to solve, most of the time they end up writing … you …

Ludum Dare 52

Tomorrow starts Ludum Dare 52, one of the biggest and oldest events where you create a game ffrom scratch in a weekend based on a community-voted theme. Today concludes the final voting round, and you can see my wishes below: I’ll be teaming with up an old friend QuantumBits; we previously did …

I’ve really enjoyed the “Nobody Playlists” <…> on YouTube as background, reading, or coding music. One of my favorites:

One thing I appreciate about Rust is the ease of tooling. If I have an idea for a package, I just type “cargo new –lib”, and open the folder in VSCode. No ceremony, no Java UI wizard, no trying to configure prettier, typescript, eslint, etc. Everything just works.

I spent a few minutes (hours?) cataloging different text-based UIs, patterns, games, and some tutorials. I’ll add to it as I see fit, but this might be a useful reference for others:

Challenge of generic text-based games

A framework for text-based games Ever had an idea for a turn-based game you’d love to play with your friends? Worried about the hassle of: Choosing a language, framework, engine Writing and testing UI, networking, game logic What if we could instead write game logic (with quasi-declarative rules), …